Sabbatical Summer 2015 (St. Malo, Bellac, Trappes, Paris, etc)

Bailey Boo!

Francois……cooking up a storm…I don’t remember what it was though. LOL

Lingonberry fresh from the garden

Low tide….not to worry the boats are just fine. This happens every day.

Guillaume getting more handsome by the minute and growing up too fast.

Cute local ladies enjoying a nice chat

Anntoinette and Francois..enjoying a nice evening

Sammy Wammy doing yoga with his aunt and cousin…he was really good!

Downward Dog


Table Top!

Too blurry but it was a good capture

Francois had enough to eat

Sunflowers near Bellac

He found something cool


It was a long day

Beautiful Aubri

LOL, having a horrible time!

Are you you? Randomly found written on a restaurant fire extinguisher

Sugar Plum

Classic…ash tray on the commode..